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Goodnite GRANDIN Pocketed Spring Thick 15

Product Code: 4641
Availability: In stock


RM 2899.00
RM 5218.20
* Free delivery within Johor, Malacca, Negeri Sembilan and Selangor / Kuala Lumpur only.
* Inventory: 8
* Minimum Order: 1
*Goodnite Grandin Pocketed Spring Thick 15:
Product Description

An answer to your crave for every restful sleep. Manufactured to the international standards under stringent quality control, Antonio mattress prides itself to be Goodnite's brainchild following decades of product innovaton. S Series StatFree™ Mattress that ensures you to sleep better by in a truly sophisticated way.

San Antonio intricately designed to fit countour of your body for extra stability, Antonio marks a significant revolution with thoughfully made Individual Pocket Spring coupled with Natural Latex to provide supreme comfort for uninterrupted sleep. Behold your kingdom of dreams every night now on. 


Key features
Spring System

Individual Pocket Spring System: Provide exceptional motion separation and zoning back support while conforming to your body's unique shape.

Comfort Layer

Natural Latex: Offers superior pressure relief and precise support. It is naturally hypoallergenic, odor-absorbing and breathable.

Top Upholstery

Patented StatFree™ Fabric: With latest Belgium technology, it helps to discharge your body static for a tranquil rest.

Special Features

- 360° Air Ventilation Design: To enhance airflow through the mattress

- Edge Support: Which fortifies four sides of the mattress prevents horizontal shaking and improves durability.

- Stylish Border Design: Provide a stylish and fashion-forward look to your mattress.

- With 4 Convenient Handle design

Warranty12 years
152W X 190L X 38T(Queen)
183W X 190L X 38T(King)
Package Include
Goodnite GRANDIN Pocketed Spring Thick 15 X 1
Delivery Service
- For all of our delivery service, your delivery location must be accessible via elevator. If the delivery crew is unable to send furniture to your location via the elevator at the point of delivery . If the process is deemed hazardous, (e.g furniture or infrastructure prone to damage on narrow stairway, obstruction of passageway), In the event that delivery is deemed unfeasible, MF DESIGN FURNITURE reserves the right to cancel the delivery. Should delivery via staircase be deemed safe, additional charges per item will be as follows: First non lift-accessible storey free of charge (e.g. staircase delivery from ground floor to level two is free) + RM20 per item transported to a subsequent non lift-accessible storey (i.e. staircase delivery of a wardrobe and a kettle to the 4th non-lift accessible storey (e.g. Level 5 of a shophouse etc) will cost an additional RM120 . [(1 X 2 X 0) + (3 X 2 X RM20 ) = RM120 ].
Estimated Arrival
After payment confirmed, your product will be delivery in 7 to 14 working days , if in doubt please call us to avoid misunderstanding.
Assembly Required
Free delivery and assembly service for main residential area of KL/Selangor, N.Sembilan, Melacca and Johor area.
Colour Available
Please check with us the colour available for this product to avoid misunderstanding.
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